Thursday, July 1, 2010


omg..can i put this in my wish list and get it next morning once i wake up.
i came across this shoe while hopping from one blog to another.
i love it.
i wish i can have one like seriously.
it really pretty and also come in very handy and light and boleh campak dalam handbag sukahati.
most of the color are metallic which make it look so glam in a very decent way.
ala nakkkkkk.
the one in gold and pink caught my eyes the most.
too pretty.

if anyone had a hard time proving their love for me.
this pair of lovely rollasole will do the trick.
heh heh heh.

here's the link for you to check out for this lovely goodies.


Ally Hassan said...

omg lama dah tengok rollasole ni! ade ke kat malaysia eh?

ieza fahmi. said...

xde.kena beli online from uk.

Ally Hassan said...

tulaaa. kawan mama aku ade dok kat uk, dia kata rollasole ni comfy gila! haihhh

ieza fahmi. said...

mahal pulak nak beli dr sn kan..haih.
tgk gambar je la ally.