Monday, July 19, 2010

post prezzie.

hello beautiful people
how are you doing?

as i mention before in my previous entry on apip's birthday that i promised that i'll make to him for his its happened last saturday..went out for lunch at ttdi for an arabic food which turn out that place is actually belong to my friend from my highschool..its their family business..what a kebetulan.hehe.

wonder what i get him for this tim
its my handmade love tee.heh heh.

x sia-sia menjahit dr bilik sampai kat office.
he loveeee it so much.
siap terus pakai show off kat kawan-kawan..haha..maluuuu.
oh to my lovely girlfriend..thank you for membantu dan menyokong penuh usaha i ni..ececcey.

i glad that u love it.
it make me so happy able to do this for you.
it may be nothing compared to the tods boatshoe u requested
but its something personal i did to let u know how special you are to me.
let the tee do the talk;p

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