Monday, June 28, 2010

row row row a boat.

as usual..back home on weekend.
went out with dear boyfriend on saturday and having total blast.
after lunch at wong solo.
he decided to take me for a kayak ride.hahah.
i terus pandang pelik at him after hearing he spontaneous idea ni.
dalam kepala mcm.."kayak?dah kenapa mamat ni"
since we kinda did the almost same thing everytime we went from there he got that idea.
sadly.. the kayak available jenis yg boleh naik sorg je..disebabkan i mmg sgt loser with all this sukan jgn harap la nak naik sorang2.. so we pilih to naik the sampan,beside i x pyh mendayung..haha..because i hv him.
its was actually something sweet to do i must so thrilled naik the sampan(padahal awal2 buat muka kerek dengar nak pegi naik sampan)..lagi lagi ada si dia yg offer utk dayung i relaks je enjoy the view.
heh heh..such a sweetheart.

while enjoying the lovely evening tgh tgh tasik ni..i received a text from my sister ajak karaoke.
isk..memang selalu kacau.
boyfriend heard about karaoke terus dayung laju.
and there goes my romantic evening..aigooh.
haha..dasar hantu karaoke ni.

its a lovely evening indeed.

on sunday..i just waste my evening doing nothing .
having deep sleep all evening and looking hideous while pampering myself..

p/s:btw..thats me with my weekly homemade oatmeal mask.
im loving it.

so that's what happened on my weekend.
how yours?


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