Wednesday, January 5, 2011

welcoming new year.

first entry in this year..woot woot!
so hello again!
how's the new year so far?i can see that everyone is happily updating the new year celebration lately and i had fun reading it.

so during the new year eve..i stuck cyber with tons
of works to do..but we did had a festive meal as our last meal of 2010 when my sister came here and took us for meal at alamanda..we enjoy every bits of it. during the night,while some of you guys had fun celebrating..i was sadly at my hostel room..watching the fireworks from the window..but actually xdela sad sgt pun..its just another new year.
on the first day of 2011, me and my girls decide to go out together since its been awhile we haven't been to the actual mall together( alamanda doesn't count as mall to us here.hee) why not..duduk bilik lama lama pun x siap2 jugak kerjanya. since fyp make us ended 2010 with a very selekeh semak samun busuk face so we decide to dressed up a bit before we hit the city..ewaah..its feels great and we also agreed not to mention anything regarding works at all that nite. its was a nice time spend with the girls cuma a bit sad tak cukup semua since dila and farrah x dapat join but hey..there's always next time.

and the other thing that make me go ooo la la is welcoming these new babies into the family..hehe.
so thats was a bit of my new year.
thing are getting crazyy now with the works and also mid term.
till then people.
have great days ahead.