Thursday, December 30, 2010

till then 2010.

tik tok tik tok..
everyone start counting time for 2011 to come.
another year will be starting soooon..cepatnyee masa berlalu.

btw..2010 has been great for me, many things happened and experienced by me such as internship,ACMA,sister graduation,bestfriend weddings,mmu here and there and more of thing i cant really recall tonite..but still the good and bad of everything..i believe that it help me becoming more wiser and mature person in so many way.

so speaking of which, this are the thing im hoping and looking forward in 2011,
.pass and get good result for my fyp 1 so that i can proceed with my fyp 2 next semester.
.to drive myself crazyyy with tons of work.
.to pass and get out from MMU.
.holidayyy trip and getaway.
.and emm..i'll add more along the way :)

anywayy..hoping for 2011 to be a great year for me and ofcoz for all of you jugak.

have a great new year everyone,
i'll see you next year?

till then.

gonjeng rojak buah.

hello everyone.
sorry for the late update..being busy with almost everything.
anyway,i would like to share here with you ppl one of the thing the keep me busy the whole last week.

its Gonjeng Rojak Buah.
this is actually a project for one of the subject i took this semester.

so macam biase, my groupmates are among my girls jugak..orang2 paling senang to work with.
so the stall was open for four days..beramai2 with other stalls s
elling awesome foods and stuff.

everynight we have to go to pasar basah to get fresh fruits and kuah rojak..wah wah..leceh rupanya jual jual was really tiring,lagi2 kena bahagi masa to do fyp pulak during the nite.but still..its was a fun experienced tho.

thank you for everyone who bought our rojak buah.
hope you guys like it

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

proud mummy.

im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you for making this far syg,
and i will never stop being one.

keep walking ahead,

don't worry,
i will always have your back.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

another lovely wedding.

zati's sister,
bukit mahkota.

good day, gooood food and beautiful ceremony.
thx zt for having us:)

favorite photo with favorite ladies.

the newlyweds.
congrats kakak zati and husband,
u look so pretty today.

till then~
take care readers.

my bestfriend wedding pt2.

this entry will be on my bestfriend wedding, ecah.
which happened last weekend.
a very beautiful event i must say.
she made such a beautiful bride.. and not to forget..a very happy bride also.
we had our last moment together spent hours on the phone just like the old days before she finally become mrs.married.
and im glad we did.

this is us bridesmaid on the rehearsal night.
her last single night.

on her nikah day.

finally married.yay!

her reception day.

my gorgeous bride.

her reception is simply beautiful, from the bride to the whole ballroom are nicely done. everyone agreed that ecah event that day gather us all..some of us almost few years tak jumpa..but we met there..together celebrating the newlyweds.

i even cried on her wedding when abah delivered his speech..deep that moment i know that somehow i missed our moment of growing up together,thing happened so fast..tau tau je..u are now married. i know that she's know have different commitment in her life and it is something i have to bear in mind, u're not all mine now:(.
whatever it is..i am sooooooooooooooo happy for you love.
just so you know,
all the tears, money and time you have put for this are all worth it seeing you that day.
too beautiful to put into words.

and to yasir,
u are one lucky guy to have her, take good care of my baby sister or else i'll break your bone!
heh heh..i mean it btw.

anywayy..good luck to both of you..its gonna be tough journey for both of you but i know u guys can turn it into a beautiful moment together.
selamat pengantin baru,
forever ok.

p/s: i miss you already,take care.*tears*

Monday, December 6, 2010

lovely day.

hello everyone.

this was my last saturday, went to putrajaya for dell's sister reception with all the girls.
the weather is great that day, ala ala mendung mendung sejuk gitu.
the food was great, i wish i had more of the sambal sotong at that time..if only boleh tapau bawak balik.
oh,we all adore the bride,her baju is so lovely..she look so so cantikkk that day.

congrats to the lovely bride and lah dell.she also look cantik..tahun depan moga2 u kawin pulak..
boleh i request sambal sotong lg.

the girls who made my day beside the sambal sotong.

till then~

p/s:all the photos shamelessly stole from dayyah fb.hee.