Saturday, October 30, 2010

treat or trick?

hostel,malam minggu.

dine with the girls,
cook and eat together,
happy tummy and happy faces.

p/s:can u tell my latest obsession?

heh heh;p
mind me.

dey macha!
i miss you

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

oh la la.

what's in my purse?

most of the blog that i followed there will always be an entry on what's in my purse.
besides,i always eager to know what women carried around in their purse.
so here i would like to share jugak on what's in mine.
so here goes.
notebook and ball pen.wallet,sanitizer.avene thermal spring water.loreal sunscreen.lipgloss. compact powder.olay serum sample.wet tissue.clorets.lipbalm.handphone, hairclips/emergency pin and last but not least snacks
so what's in yours?

latest addition.

huge!i knoww.
heh heh
major love.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

here and there.

hello people,
doing good?
well i hope u do.
so first week of class has started..managed to ponteng one day class due to preparing my fyp proposal..tsk tsk..awal2 dh buat keja last proposal is approve..just need some adjustment here and there .
so today..i went out to repair my poor pc..entah kenape asyik2 restart asyik2 restart..hobi baru barangkali..went to plaza alam sentral with kakak and we are like so jakun sbb baru tau ade temp
at electronic kat atas tu..sumpah x penah tau.haha..nmpk sgt selama ni jalan2 ronda cr baju kat bawah luckily its just the power supply yg had it change..and upgrade ram skali dah alang alang kat situ..and feel so happy dearly pc dah ok..well i hope so.hehe.
while waiting abang cina tu betulkan pc..went for late lunch kat kedai bawah tu.had delish tapayaki and handful of california roll.dear boyfie pun dtg sm join makan..dgr makan terus datang..haishh.
so after makan..pick up the pc and went straight bck home.

as for my 'light supper' i had this..been craving for quite some time.nak try yg latest with blckpepper tu tp ramai komen x sedap.
btw..light la sangat kan..heh heh.

oh,actually i had in mind to do this post last week, tp tak sempat or is it me being the lazy ass again?hehe.
so this was last weekend..try out the new eating place kat sh.alam mall..its not really a new place..dh ade branch lain kat subang and kl kalau x kira new la kat sh.alam. its call Windmill Restaurant.
for me,the place is very cozy.serve from eastern to western and the food is great.
the food that we ordered pun was satisfying..i had a seafood hotpot and its full with seafood and sup die pun sedap..the dory fish in the soup is the best.boyfie had beef steak and nampak mcm kecik but the meat is actually quite thick beside the blckpepper gravy sumpah thick.
nyum nyumm.the price range are reasonable..xde la mahal sangat sekadar utk makan sekali sekala kan.
so give urself a try will ya?

the carrot juice like so sedapp gila omaigod.siap order 2 lg.its not so sweet just perfect for my tastebud.
that's my seafood hotpot..very generous amount and very sedap too.

so good day everyone.
take care;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

just pretty.

`happy girls are the prettiest'
-audrey hepburn-

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

daily routine.

this is my current part time job during this holiday.
babysitting this little chucky.
training for the future bak kata orang ramai.
too much for a training i think..heh heh.

aishh..gonna miss this once back to uni:(

Monday, October 4, 2010


fyp has been haunting me!
two night in a row dia jd mimpi buruk i.
keep on thinking about it but nothing has been done..haih.
hangat hangat tahi ayam betul perangai.
c'mon work it work it!
wish me luckss!

Friday, October 1, 2010

long time no see.

helloo bloggers!
my goodness..sumpah lama tak update.i miss it here.been hoping from one blog to another then rasa jealous pulak tak update blog sendiri.'e everyone doing so far?good?good good.
so since sisa sisa hari raya is still here..most update is of course on my aidilfitri so far.
alhamdullilah..this year aidilfitri is much better than the last one.get to see almost all my favourite faces around,served with extremely good food at every visited is truly a blessed.raya kali ini jugak im happy because i get to attend kebanyakan raya invitation that i had..ada jugak yg tak dapat pergi..maaf banyak-banyak..mungkin takde rezeki..takpe there's always next time..insyaallah.
oh and last week also..we managed to host a rumah terbuka for family,friends and neighborhood..eventho its raining..but the turn up is still good..thanks for coming thing i love most about openhouses for raya is that..the house feel lively..penat tu memangla..but the opportunity of seeing everyone you love at your home is just lovely..beside its a chance to meet some new friends and also some long lost friend maybe.
and here is one thing so important for me to update..due to raya..i had gained almost seriously.boleh tahan ramai jugak la people tegur on my body bila jumpa time rayaraya ni..pasrah je la i.konon je puasa nak la lose some fats ni tp instead i gained some..tambahtambah dgn raya..wah lagi seronok i gained.but nevermind..tu namanya murah tak baik pulak complain byk2.ok so here is some friends openhouses attended by me this raya.
doesnt everyone look so cantik during raya?
yess..i think they do.

ok that's all for now for now.
did i mention how i love raya openhouse.
its just awesome.
more to come peliss.

i swear i have a lot of thing to update here but
let just say one step at a time yer..
blame the holiday mood..its just make me so pemalass.

so later people,
take care:)