Friday, July 2, 2010


hey everyone.
how you doing?
good?good good.

how's ur friday?mine was fine with a little bit humiliation happened just now.damn it.
lunch was great..the planned to go to izat place was canceled.. but izat so nice that she's the one who came here instead because of her craving for ayam penyet.i also meet up with my menari geng just now for a while..dah lama tak jumpe diorg.last wednesday..farrah also drop by to hv lunch with us here.thanks for the time darlings!

oh..back from lunch my officemate dita bought us yummy and super cute donashi from big apple.its actually a donut that look like cool.

well..looking forward for weekend to come as always.
so good day people.
with love,
your big mama.

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