Monday, June 28, 2010

row row row a boat.

as usual..back home on weekend.
went out with dear boyfriend on saturday and having total blast.
after lunch at wong solo.
he decided to take me for a kayak ride.hahah.
i terus pandang pelik at him after hearing he spontaneous idea ni.
dalam kepala mcm.."kayak?dah kenapa mamat ni"
since we kinda did the almost same thing everytime we went from there he got that idea.
sadly.. the kayak available jenis yg boleh naik sorg je..disebabkan i mmg sgt loser with all this sukan jgn harap la nak naik sorang2.. so we pilih to naik the sampan,beside i x pyh mendayung..haha..because i hv him.
its was actually something sweet to do i must so thrilled naik the sampan(padahal awal2 buat muka kerek dengar nak pegi naik sampan)..lagi lagi ada si dia yg offer utk dayung i relaks je enjoy the view.
heh heh..such a sweetheart.

while enjoying the lovely evening tgh tgh tasik ni..i received a text from my sister ajak karaoke.
isk..memang selalu kacau.
boyfriend heard about karaoke terus dayung laju.
and there goes my romantic evening..aigooh.
haha..dasar hantu karaoke ni.

its a lovely evening indeed.

on sunday..i just waste my evening doing nothing .
having deep sleep all evening and looking hideous while pampering myself..

p/s:btw..thats me with my weekly homemade oatmeal mask.
im loving it.

so that's what happened on my weekend.
how yours?


Thursday, June 24, 2010

omm nom nom

my lunch today.
yummy set of asam pedas ikan pari.

finger licking good.

oh how i love lunchtime.

p/s:heeee..can't wait for weekend to come.

have a good day everyone.

lucky 6.

happy 66th month together.
love you dork!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

darling boyfriend loveeeee his new ladybird boxer.
and im glad he does.
since i have assigned myself as his tukang beli boxer for every 6 month,
nothing make me happier than having a satisfied 'client'
heh heh.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

anak sehat.

hello people!

lately ni everyone was kinda being so health conscious.whoever i met and even in some blogs that i followed..people are talking about healthy diet program, vitamins and also share some tips on healthy diet.

this is a good thing i must say..being surround by healthy people make me feel like living my life healthy too.ala ala pengaruh rakan sebaya gitu.hee.

im not a big fan of taking diet products because i bukan type yg betul betul disiplin that can follow the instruction.lazy lazy especially bila kena makan ikut masa and amount yg product mahal and i xde duit..that's actually the main reason i think.heh.ok wtv.

so my own way to a healthy diet is the natural way.
currently trying to stick to it.

  1. i have meal 3 times daily with snack in between.tak reti nak control2 makan ni.
  2. in every meal i make sure there is sayur..sayur and sayur.
  3. no nasi at night..only during lunch.
  4. strictly no red meat(sebulan sekali can la kot)..did you know that red meat take 2 weeks to fully digest?hah..i found this info at one of the blog i follow and start to spread around to my friend.heh heh..dasar kepochi.
  5. so instead..i have fish everytime i eat my nasi.
  6. have susu every night before bed.
  7. ok this one plg susah for to drink a lot a lot of h20..i admit i tak suke minum air kosong..but rite now i push myself to do so.
  8. oh..i also right now crazy on carrot juice.just milk no sugar.its yummy. carrot are the nutritional vegetables compare to others.its high on vitamin a,c and d,beta carotene and also water.its also good for skin..based on my reading..its says that carrot are the remedies for teenagers start say hello to carrot girls.heh heh.
  9. since im a tea lover..i'll have tea everyday especially during breakfast.its kind of my way of indulges myself.but now im trying to have my tea without home i will add little honey instead of sugar.i also love it highly contain of antioxidant which is very good for skin and health.
  10. i also take evening primrose oil capsule makes my period lancar every month and less period pain during the 'full moon'
  11. eyh lupa lagi satu..sekarang also..i include chocolate in my daily snack.but dark chocolate ok..i like cadbury bournville .its not just good for health because of it contain but it also help calm me and reduce stress.

so here are some of my way of healthy diet.
im sure others people have start their diet lg awal but for me its better now than never.
so do share your tips on healthy eating.
who knows i may find it useful for myself too.

p/s:oh tak tak..i tak ambik poyo je teguk teguk.i impress ppl can take this drink 4-5 bottle a day..kembung i tell u.

so take care dearies.
and lets be healthy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


hello readers!
i miss updating my blog here so badly.
too much story to tell but due to my laziness..slowly satu demi satu cerita lupa nak update.
haish..tua tua!

so currently,here i am in my delta year.
right now undergoing my internship program in mmucreativista.
yer..tidak pergi jauh..masih stuck di tengah cyber ini.
but its fine with me, the people are nice.
its been a month i start kerja and thing getting better everydayy.
more experienced and knowledged gained.
berat badan pun turut gain.
ah bencii.
looking forward for moreeee and moreee!
oh btw..rakan rakan seperjuangan..

will slowly activate myself here.
take care people!