Monday, July 5, 2010

another weekend.

happy Monday everyone.
i bet monday is not anyone's favorite day aite. gonna end soon anyway..yay!

so i had a great time back home on weekend.
as usual..met dear boyfriend on saturday.
its a whole eating day.
all i do is eating.
we had lunch at asiari sacc,
and we both loved the chicken ball noodle soup.
after the nice lunch..went for walk and talk and then head to burger king..sudden craved for the mushroom burger..nyum!
met with ecah after maghrib,lepak at her house then went to pasar malam.felt just like the old days.
had jagung bakar,keropok lekor and cakoii..penat mengunyah je.yummy day i must say!
full of omm nom nom.

lepak home on sunday with my adorable nieces and had mama's awesomely good nasi lemak.
i ate it every 2 hours.
memang betul perut buaya.

have a great week ahead people.
take care!

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