Tuesday, August 24, 2010

thick and thin.

happy 6th year anniversary cinta
thank you for all the good time together,
i love you so much,
now and then,
always and forever.
*pinky promise*

another 4-5 years more to go maybe?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

big burpp.


its been 3rd day of ramadhan already.
how's everyone doing so far?
hope everything went well.

anyway..since i sambut my early week of ramadhan here in cyberjaya so i haven't had the chance to berbuka with my family but nevermind..will get home this weekend..yay.

so far,
berbuka dengan teman teman kat luar je..belum jejak lg kat bazaar and memenuhkan tangan dengan plastik merah merah oren oren tu.maybe next week kot.nothing to rush btw.

first day of puasa..we had our meal for berbuka at kenny rogers alamanda..surprisingly the mall was so lengang..even parking banyak gila kosong..maybe awal2 ni everyone decide to berbuka at home..well..good for us.

for second day..teringin makan kat ikea for the meatballs,daim cake and more.so back from work terus gerak ikea takut jammed..but lucky for us..the road was fine.
both day i balik from berbuka and terus bontang tido x ingt dunia..haishh buruk betul perangai.
hope that next week(since i'll start puasa for real..heh heh)..i can control my nafsu in buying food for berbuka.amiiin.

so take care everyone.
have a great weekend ahead.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


to all muslims out there,
wishing you all a bless ramadhan,
hoping for a better ramadhan than the previous,


good day everyone.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

blood ties.

hello beautiful people.

last saturday went for a family dinner at tony roma's to celebrated ayah's post birthday dinner.
it was my brother treat..and we all went home happily that nite with extra extra fat gained di setiap sudut badan.takpe takpe..janji happy.
heh heh.

nama je celebrated ayah's bday but ayah xde pun dlam gambar.tsk tsk..maaf kan anak2 mu pak..semua tak bole harap bawak kamera canggihcanggih sikit end up ambik gambar pakai hp yg akhirnya tett tett..habis bateri..ampun pak!

but nevermind,
here i'll included our picture together sebagai tanda cinta tanpa sempadan.
ewaah ewaahbtw,
love you dad.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

get shutdown did managed to ruin my week entirely.

i bet its already a habits of yours nw..

im too exhausted too even care.


congrats to everyone on their graduation especially my kakak and all her friends.
not to forget..my two bestfriend from mmc.
so proud of you..all of you.