Saturday, December 18, 2010

my bestfriend wedding pt2.

this entry will be on my bestfriend wedding, ecah.
which happened last weekend.
a very beautiful event i must say.
she made such a beautiful bride.. and not to forget..a very happy bride also.
we had our last moment together spent hours on the phone just like the old days before she finally become mrs.married.
and im glad we did.

this is us bridesmaid on the rehearsal night.
her last single night.

on her nikah day.

finally married.yay!

her reception day.

my gorgeous bride.

her reception is simply beautiful, from the bride to the whole ballroom are nicely done. everyone agreed that ecah event that day gather us all..some of us almost few years tak jumpa..but we met there..together celebrating the newlyweds.

i even cried on her wedding when abah delivered his speech..deep that moment i know that somehow i missed our moment of growing up together,thing happened so fast..tau tau je..u are now married. i know that she's know have different commitment in her life and it is something i have to bear in mind, u're not all mine now:(.
whatever it is..i am sooooooooooooooo happy for you love.
just so you know,
all the tears, money and time you have put for this are all worth it seeing you that day.
too beautiful to put into words.

and to yasir,
u are one lucky guy to have her, take good care of my baby sister or else i'll break your bone!
heh heh..i mean it btw.

anywayy..good luck to both of you..its gonna be tough journey for both of you but i know u guys can turn it into a beautiful moment together.
selamat pengantin baru,
forever ok.

p/s: i miss you already,take care.*tears*

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