Friday, December 3, 2010

my bestfriend wedding pt1.

hello folks,
its been a while aite.
how's everything going?

anyway..2010 are nearly over and rs mcm br je sambut new year with the highschool peeps hari time fly so fast.

speaking of that, here i would like to share on my dearly beloved girlfriend wedding,oh its syaza's btw. deep inside..i still cant believe she's married..its feel like yesterday we were in school together since primary to secondary, had countless sleepover at her place, went out on weekend naik favourite ktm,get introduced to her 'now called husband' at the very first time..i had hard time to like him at that time;p, go here go there,talk this and that,get engaged ..and now she's finally for real wei.

she made a really gorgeous bride on her big day,no one can deny that.
everything when simply bea
im so glad that i was able to be there during her wedding.
i wont miss it for the world in fac
t. words can describe how happy i am for you,wishing you best of luck on ur journey as a wonderful wife.moga kekal bahagia forever and ever..amin.
and hopefully things will remain the same among us three.
just so u know..i'll always be there for you at all time.
love youuuu sister,

well..soon enough it will be her turn coming,
im so excited for you.

my 2010 will ended with all this beautiful moment of my favorite people on earth.
its awesome:)

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