Thursday, December 30, 2010

gonjeng rojak buah.

hello everyone.
sorry for the late update..being busy with almost everything.
anyway,i would like to share here with you ppl one of the thing the keep me busy the whole last week.

its Gonjeng Rojak Buah.
this is actually a project for one of the subject i took this semester.

so macam biase, my groupmates are among my girls jugak..orang2 paling senang to work with.
so the stall was open for four days..beramai2 with other stalls s
elling awesome foods and stuff.

everynight we have to go to pasar basah to get fresh fruits and kuah rojak..wah wah..leceh rupanya jual jual was really tiring,lagi2 kena bahagi masa to do fyp pulak during the nite.but still..its was a fun experienced tho.

thank you for everyone who bought our rojak buah.
hope you guys like it

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