Monday, December 6, 2010

lovely day.

hello everyone.

this was my last saturday, went to putrajaya for dell's sister reception with all the girls.
the weather is great that day, ala ala mendung mendung sejuk gitu.
the food was great, i wish i had more of the sambal sotong at that time..if only boleh tapau bawak balik.
oh,we all adore the bride,her baju is so lovely..she look so so cantikkk that day.

congrats to the lovely bride and lah dell.she also look cantik..tahun depan moga2 u kawin pulak..
boleh i request sambal sotong lg.

the girls who made my day beside the sambal sotong.

till then~

p/s:all the photos shamelessly stole from dayyah fb.hee.

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