Sunday, June 13, 2010


hello readers!
i miss updating my blog here so badly.
too much story to tell but due to my laziness..slowly satu demi satu cerita lupa nak update.
haish..tua tua!

so currently,here i am in my delta year.
right now undergoing my internship program in mmucreativista.
yer..tidak pergi jauh..masih stuck di tengah cyber ini.
but its fine with me, the people are nice.
its been a month i start kerja and thing getting better everydayy.
more experienced and knowledged gained.
berat badan pun turut gain.
ah bencii.
looking forward for moreeee and moreee!
oh btw..rakan rakan seperjuangan..

will slowly activate myself here.
take care people!

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