Saturday, April 10, 2010


its been 2 weeks lebih dah x balik sh.alam and this weekend i decided to get my ass back home.too much too handle there in cyber..i need a break and i must admit..i miss home!

so what i did today was having breakfast with family,drive my sister to the clinic and go jalanjalan with dear boyfie..i miss him so much too..its been a while we get to meet and borakborak panjang with each other since both of us is too busy with our work.luckyy he still remember who i am..hee;p

went out at almost 3..teman him to find places around sh.alam for his shooting session..the place we went was quite creepy for me but the picture took there was cantik.

then move to sh.alam mall for takoyaki.the takoyaki there was big with a lot of fish flakes but the sauce is not as good as the one at sunway.i also tried okonomiyaki(ok x sure eja mcm mn) which is besarrr and not bad.but i still prefer takoyaki better..mkn okonomiyaki yg besar sgt and byk tepung was a bit muak.

ok terpaksa admit that diameter kelebaran muka makin bertambah.pasrah jela!
so lepas ni posisi muka utk bergambar harus begini agar kelihatan lebih lurus tulus mulus ok whateverr ieza.

so as promised,i had a date with my darling sister ecah for a minum petang together while waiting for her yang konon anak jati sh.alam sedangkan sek.11 pun tatau katne..we lepak in the car and do what we do best.

after that,ecah arrived with her beloved yasir and we went for soto&sate and pak mal's.a bit kecewa since my favorite soto stall is not open today so terpaksa pasrah mkn soto kedai lain and kerang bakar pun xde so pasrah ganti dengan sate(ok poyo asyik nak pasrah padahal makan banyak jugak)heee.
catch up a lot of story with ecah..i mean it this time..its really a lot and all i say to her is that im happy for you my dear soulmate sister:)
and thank you for convinced me on the thing i need to be assure of.

hope to meet you again soon with more update.and hope our little getaway planned menjadi.

thanks for the good day people.


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