Saturday, April 10, 2010

acma 2010

its been a week since this event has berlalu and now only dapat chance to post an entry on this event.
one thing sure for glad that it is over.haha.
and was fun tho..despite all the chaos that happened behind the scene.. which only god knows what...i can say that its a success.

everyone is looking good that night..major makeover on c
ertain people which is nice to see:))
the place also looking good after ever
ything has set up.
loving it.

i was the stage manager for this event.working as one for the very 1st time was a huge thing for was quite an experienced i must say.

being at the hall for preparation since morning, make sure everything goes smooth just like what we had planned,running here and there to fix thing up, etc etc was worth it after seeing everyone was happy at the feels good anyway.
glad that im being part of it.

to my stage team,thank yoou so much for helping.u guys are the best!!
heart heart.

and ya..this is what i've put together for that night.thx god that i decided to wear a pants..senang gerak lari pecut lintang pukang.
dila thank you for finding the tudung for me..last minit dapat perfect tudung..luckyy me!
and that sequined layered dress is a ma
jor love.

and girls,remember our so called 'full dress rehearsal night'.it was funnn!
should do it more often.hehe.

i've just read ikhwan thank you post to all the committees here.
u welcome wan.thanks to u too.

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