Monday, April 19, 2010


i had my birthday few days back..and i am officially 21 now.yay!
dah besar dah besar:)

tepat kul lovely girls crashed the room with a yummy blueberry icecream and candles.auww..terharu.thanks you lovely.
after dearly beloved came by at almost 3am..after done with with his work..and took me for a late supper and i tahan him sampai kul 10pagi..haha..nasibb..menngunakan kesempatan as a birthday girl utk make sure permintaan dikabulkan;p
thank you babyy for every minute spent..and thank you for seeing me even u busy like only god knows how.
i love you.

oh tak lupe.
thank you everyone for wishing me.wall post at facebook ,calls and texts
.im loving it.
to kawan kawan yang belanja makan..ok korang awesome!
enuff said.

ayah mama juga..thank you for dinner.
i love you guys.

as for myself,
hope to be more wise.
able to face everything with courage.
smile more,worry less.
sembahyang dan doa tak tinggal,
and last but not least,
i wish to make myself happy at all time.

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