Sunday, June 12, 2011


heyyyy yaaa.. heyy ya!how's your weekend folks?done anything interesting?well i did.
yesterday on sabtu..i managed to dragged my bibik to the kitchen two hours before her working time finish to prepare the all time favorite famous bakso(indonesian traditional meatball soup).
remember i mention about soon-to-be-mummy girlfriend's
syaza?ok cerita dia mcm ni..syaza has been craving my bibik's bakso
semenjak berbadan dua ni..she has been mentioned her craving to
me quite a few times since her early month of pregnancy..too bad at that time i was too busy
with fyp that i been hold my promise to her eversince to asked bibik to prepare for her..
so akhirnya since i dah free..why not now..
beside,i dont want the future baby to
hate me sebab buat mummy die kempunan.heh heh.
maka..after working for half and bibik start la with our bakso adventure.actually my bibik used to be tukang bakso back in her country last tim
e..thats why her bakso are so good and it taste really indonesian gitu.
mum even prepared sagu gula melaka for good.
after maghrib syaza came by..she said she didn't eat the whole day as she reserving her tummy for the bakso.haha..she ate quite a few bowl..siap tapau bawak balik lg..haha.after done with eating we lepak sambil watch the football match..borak punye borak punye borak x sedar dah its already 3 am by the time they want to balik..boyfie pun terdragged sama lepak padahal dah mintak diri 10 kali before tu x balik2 jugak.syaza was one very very
very happy mummy last night..and i fell blessed.haha.seeing her happy make me even more happier..
anything for you sweetie.
bibik's baksooo!
the picture doesn't really do the justice taste yummier that it looks.i promise.

my lil monster all grown up now(heh..iklan)

after woke up almost noon sister asked me to teman her to find 'the rock' for her insyaallah coming big day i we went to sh.alam mall..not to forget to dragged my boyfie along to teman us..siap tapaukan mama's nasi lemak for him since he hadn't had his breakfast yet.

after done with that..went for lunch at windmill.since the day is still early..
we decide to go for a karaoke..since its been a while.
after puas menyanyi,dropped boyfie off then straight go back.
in was a nice weekend afterall.

p/s:luckily i decide to add a bit of bright color to my boring sunday outfit.
it instantly brighten up my day:)

hope u had a great weekend too people.

till then,
take caree!