Thursday, June 9, 2011

holla back.

hello there you and you and you also,
i swear i've been missing to make an entry so bad after being hiatus for almost 5 month now.
a bit kekok and slow pulak nak update blog this time sebab dah lama sgt tinggalkan.hehe.

so..let me story an itsy bitsy of what i've gone through or did for the past 5 month.
as i had mention in my previous post yang dah berzaman tu..the last 4 month i was living soullessness as walking zombie sumpah struggling to finish my fyp and also my thesis..i swear that it was tough like hell that i almost give up a couple of time.setakat nangis sedih sedih won't help at all.
but today..i feel great alhamdullilah that i,ve done with it and i PASS!
yahoooo..which mean im unofficially graduated and done with my uni life..syukur alhamdullilah.
i know that for sure im gonna miss a lot and lot and lot of things in my 4 years of mmu except for those two 'creatures' loooong sucker(ops..mind me;p)

i had great time time with gonjeng right after we settled with our fyp.
we had get together bbq at my place and the best part beside eating are playing was fun.
and not to forget our roadtrip to melaka..eventho there's nothing much in there but the companies are awesome max.we should do it again..other place pulak.hehe.

i did not really had that looooong holiday that everybody are currently enjoying..habis je setel with mmu semua, done with lepak lepak with asked me to start working or else i will not get any allowance at all..mean?agreed!. so i start la working tak jauh..with my mum jugak..hehe..drama lebih.

since my mum doing a business related interior design and she asked me to joined first i learnt how to mum did a lotttttt of curtains in her business..thats why the first basic things to learn is to sew.
and after two weeks of working and learning so happy that i already know how to do a simple sewing and also operate with the machine..
you know the feeling when you are doing something for the first time that you never thought you are able to do?
and that's exactly how i felt..i get so excited that i want to sew everything..hehe.
my mum also always dragged me along when she need to meet her client so that i can learn the way she make not sure if i nak terus working with my mother or maybe handling this business for real still to soon to tell..but i had fun and close friends are being truly supporters for me to work wit my mother and not to also being a true sweetheart in giving me support..siap hadiahkan i portable sewing machine since he knew i was enjoying it.hehe.

well..that's about my current activities now.
ape lagi nak update..oh bestfriend syaza are 6 month pregnant so happy for and ecah are so excited to see the baby..cant wait!!!

what else what else..
emm..i really harap that this time i am more rajin and disiplin in updating my poor abandoned blog here.

that's all for now.
take care bloggers!

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