Saturday, March 27, 2010

gamefest 2010

sabtu. grand hall mmu.
so today me,dayyah and mawi is taking the opportunity to join one of the biggest event in mmu for this semester.
its called gamesfest 2010.

siap bangga pakai tshirt vr ni,memang paling semangat.

nama pun gamefest so mostly byk pasal games je la. kitorg siap hantar our previous2 artwork to be exhibit during this tau ada rezeki,ada industrial people suka kerjakerja kitorg ke..senang la nak dpt kerja di masa hadapan nanti.
frankly, eventho this kind of event is actually not my favourite but since this is what my scope of bidang of my current studies, nak x nak..kena suka jugak..kena kena kena!

anyway, get to do a live demo and get our work published is a new experienced for me

thank wan bapak bgtau psl event ni and also the sweet mindy wong for the chance given.
hope for more to come.

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