Saturday, November 15, 2008

welcome to the world.

first of all nk panjatkan syukur ke hadrat illahi..alhamdullilah di atas rezekinya menambahkan lg ahli keluarga kami.hehe.
15thnovember,6.57pmit's a BOY.finally!
diperdedangkan alunan azan oleh atuk tercinta.awake pun die.mama,nak susu?
his first meal.
the nenek and kakak. alalala..kakak fasya pun nk kish longer only you two the man coz we just got the new one.the one yg sgt excited nk jd kakak.ayuk's girl la konon.the fahmi's.nurse pun t'kejut baby tibe2 jd besar.ahha.she's trying so hard to steal the limelight.

luckily all of us was here to celebrate the newborn baby since its not always that we get the peluang to gather sama due to urusan kerja masing2.its such a sweet family momment ever!


Congratulation to my eldest sister,my brother-in-law and farah natasha for your new family member.

since my eldest sister and farah natasha was born in NOVEMBER and so does their new lil baby,im sure this is their most precious gift ever.

P/s:this lil boy name will be update later since we still fight to gift name for him.hehe.

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