Thursday, November 6, 2008

like mother like daughter.

so sambung lagi buang mase today at home selagi boleh before the clss start.i woke up at 3pm..omygod..mmg xbleh msuk program pencarian gadis melayu aku always..tekan2 the remote cotrol je la kj aku..from one channel to another..iklan pun aku life is soo boring..oh yess..aku maklum akan hal turn on to my fav channel which is E! time tu tgh tyng psl GOLDIE&KATE.the beautiful mother n daughter who im a big fan of.looking at these two people impress me on how hard they work to earn something.moreover diorg nie like sgt2 la sama in term of everything,their look,the way they talk,what hv they gone thru..sume cam similar je..which kinda cool.n tell u man..this goldie hawn sgt la cantik time muda..super cantik..tergoda jap tgk at first.haha.

cantik kan?

same je muka ngn anak die kate..haih dh kata anak not so familiar with movie2 by goldie but i luv kate as an actress especially in raising helen n skeleton key.

but benda yg nak d'highlight di sini ialah kata2 by goldie when she was asked on what her plan in her future?and she answered,"i didn't really plan my future,what matter to me is that the life im going thru rite now,i'll make sure i will do best so that i wont regret even if there is no tomorrow".

betul jgk kan..buat pe dikhuatiri masa depan yg belum jelas tu when we shud live the life we are in now to the fullest.

whatever it is..muchmuch love to you mother&daughter.

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