Saturday, October 23, 2010

here and there.

hello people,
doing good?
well i hope u do.
so first week of class has started..managed to ponteng one day class due to preparing my fyp proposal..tsk tsk..awal2 dh buat keja last proposal is approve..just need some adjustment here and there .
so today..i went out to repair my poor pc..entah kenape asyik2 restart asyik2 restart..hobi baru barangkali..went to plaza alam sentral with kakak and we are like so jakun sbb baru tau ade temp
at electronic kat atas tu..sumpah x penah tau.haha..nmpk sgt selama ni jalan2 ronda cr baju kat bawah luckily its just the power supply yg had it change..and upgrade ram skali dah alang alang kat situ..and feel so happy dearly pc dah ok..well i hope so.hehe.
while waiting abang cina tu betulkan pc..went for late lunch kat kedai bawah tu.had delish tapayaki and handful of california roll.dear boyfie pun dtg sm join makan..dgr makan terus datang..haishh.
so after makan..pick up the pc and went straight bck home.

as for my 'light supper' i had this..been craving for quite some time.nak try yg latest with blckpepper tu tp ramai komen x sedap.
btw..light la sangat kan..heh heh.

oh,actually i had in mind to do this post last week, tp tak sempat or is it me being the lazy ass again?hehe.
so this was last weekend..try out the new eating place kat sh.alam mall..its not really a new place..dh ade branch lain kat subang and kl kalau x kira new la kat sh.alam. its call Windmill Restaurant.
for me,the place is very cozy.serve from eastern to western and the food is great.
the food that we ordered pun was satisfying..i had a seafood hotpot and its full with seafood and sup die pun sedap..the dory fish in the soup is the best.boyfie had beef steak and nampak mcm kecik but the meat is actually quite thick beside the blckpepper gravy sumpah thick.
nyum nyumm.the price range are reasonable..xde la mahal sangat sekadar utk makan sekali sekala kan.
so give urself a try will ya?

the carrot juice like so sedapp gila omaigod.siap order 2 lg.its not so sweet just perfect for my tastebud.
that's my seafood hotpot..very generous amount and very sedap too.

so good day everyone.
take care;)

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