Friday, February 12, 2010

lovely dinner.

last Monday..went to flaming steamboat in sunway to celebrated izatt's 21st birthday which actually jatuh on 6feb but memandangkan her actual birthday is on weekend and most of us are going back home we decided to celebrated it on monday.

birthday girl

so as planned,treat her with lovely dinner,a slice of cake with dinosour on top and not to forget our lovely voices singing birthday jingle out loud.hehe.
oh yer..dat night jugak,kitorg pilih nak theme baju color merah and biru..since she love blue color and also "merah" because know kan zatt.

supriseeeee moment.hehe.lovee it.

btw angel,

happy twentyone.
moga panjang umur and d'murahkan rezeki.
hope for more good thing will come to you,insyaallah.
last but not least,
thank you for always be there for me dear,
trough good and bad
since 2005.
iloveyouu izatt,
hug hug kiss kiss.

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