Friday, January 1, 2010

good start.

so yesterday as i mention before..i went for get together bbq with the high school feels awesome dpt jumpa since ade a few yg almost 2 years x jumpe..seeing everyone has grown up was kinda exciting.the bbq start at 9.30,we burned the chicken together,eat together,kongsi cerita zamanzaman sekolah dulu,take photos and also celebrating the new year.the food was great,the people was great first i was a bit nervouse to meet them,dh lama gile kot x jumpe masing2,takut jugak kalau xde benda nak ckp,awkward or janggal or canggung but bila dh jumpa..nothing changed much between us all..we are still the way we are back in yesteryear and it make me feel so welcoming.glad that i joined at the first place.thanks for the night ppl,looking forward for more:)
after done with this memorable gathering..went back to syaza's for sleepover..this feel classic..stay awake to almost 7am for updating each other,gossiping,stalking and makan cekodok.

wake up at almost 11am..went for a brunch with the soulmate sister.its been a while since we get to lepak like this..feels good to see each other at the very 1st day of the year.thx for the time sayangs..the best indeed.


Farain said...

jeles! tapi best best. haha. rugi pulak dtg lambat.

ieza fahmi. said...

huhu.tu la kalo x mesti sempat bergambar2 together.
nvrmind...hopefully thre is next time.