Monday, December 1, 2008

lifetime sweetheart.

.aku rindu kalian teramat sangat.

i called them my bestiest bestie friend.i called them my soulmate sister.i called them my family.i called them when i need a crying shoulder,i called them when i need company,i called them even when i dun feel like sharing anything just bcoz they are always there.i shared everything with them,im totally being me when im with them,they know me way better than i know myself,they are the people who has watched me laugh like crazy even cried to death.i just loveee them being them,them being my irreplaceable bestfriend,them being people i worth knowing.them being my biggest supporter.i missed to spent my whole time with them,i missed the time we just dun care bout the world and just have fun doing our thing.i missed them being them.
my soulmate sister.

p/s:i lovee ya.



Maherausaurus** said...

eyh yg gmbr last tuh sape eh nama dia? dia UiTM jgk en?

bB boO said...

if im not mistaken,
dat guy is zhar eh?
uitm seri iskandar?

ieza fahmi. said...

ecah la maher..yg dulu kite jumpe tu.

aah nini..its zharin..u knl?